Tree & Plant Nursery

Start your own Community PlanTREES in your area now even if the best time to have started one was 20 years ago.  Any time is as good as ever.

Raise funds through sponsorships and donations in your community.  In exchange, give out robust endemic tree seedlings and saplings that have been sourced and delicately propagated from the North Negros Natural Park and the Nordson forest in Victorias.  Have these planted in as many "eco-steward households" that have sufficient space in their yards.  "Eco-stewards" must commit to PLANT, NURTURE, GROW and PROTECT these young trees all the way to full maturity.  Over time, they will turn into sturdy canopy and intermediate trees and putting all together, you would have created a mighty urban forest.  And the future economic value of these full-grown trees just might amaze you!

Combat "Urban Heat Island Effect"

"Urban Heat Island Effect" is a phenomenon of high ambient air temperatures in cities and urban communities caused by over-building and development. The average temperature difference can be 1-3°C (1.8-5.4°F), and as much as 12°C (22°F) on a clear, calm night depending on location.

One of the top 3 climate change mitigation measures against "urban heat island effect" is INCREASING TREE CANOPY COVER.  Each 10% increase in canopy cover reduces maximum mid-day air temperature about 1°C (1.8°F).  Open parking lots should really be at least 50% shaded.  Of course, the other great benefit of a lush urban forest is controlling air pollution and energy conservation!

Let us know if you'd like to be a Community PlanTREES proponent, a donor or an Eco-Steward host of donated seedlings by sending us an email.